Provides Benefits to the Entire
Battery Supply Chain



Adding True Balancing to your BMS will give your batteries a quantum leap in performance.

Greater capacity and longer life.  With tier-1 batteries, we estimate a capacity increase of between 5% and 10% and an increase in battery life of approximately 20%. You can achieve these improvements without any change to your battery manufacturing processes.  It just requires a simple change to your BMS electronics. 

Get data on cell impedance.  True Balancing can capture impedance on a cell-by-cell basis in real-time while the battery is charging, discharging or idle – including DC resistance, AC impedance from 1Hz up to 10kHz, static impedance and dynamic impedance.  This provides valuable information from batteries in the field about cell health and cell aging.

Lower production costs.  True Balancing compensates for differences in cell characteristics, so your cells do not need to be so closely matched. If cell characteristics don’t need to be so closely matched, manufacturing costs can be lower.

Battery performance can rise by one tier.  If you use True Balancing, your tier-2 batteries will perform similarly to tier-1 batteries that have existing balancing technology.

With a simple, low-cost change to your BMS electronics, 

your batteries will outperform every existing battery in the same class or category.


Reduced battery cost is the most important benefit that True Balancing provides to EV manufacturers.  True Balancing can reduce your battery cost by between 5% and 10%.

True Balancing reduces battery cost in two ways.

First: True Balancing increases the available capacity of the battery by about 5% when the battery is new and by 10% to 15% (sometimes more) as the battery ages.  This allows you to buy a smaller (and lower cost) battery without sacrificing driving range.  Or you can buy the same size battery and get greater driving range.  Either way, your unit cost per mile of driving range will be lower.

Second: If you have True Balancing in your BMS, tier-2 batteries will have similar performance to a tier-1 battery that uses existing balancing technology.  How much would your battery cost drop if you could buy tier-2 batteries rather than tier-1?

In addition to reducing your battery cost True Balancing improves battery performance in several ways.  Here are three examples.

  • Longer battery life
  • Early detection of cells that are starting to go bad
  • Compensate for thermal gradients across the battery pack

Usually new technologies require you to accept trade-offs between cost and performance.  With True Balancing you don’t have to make these trade-offs.  True Balancing can lower your battery cost and improve the performance of your batteries.

The battery is far and away the most expensive component in your EV.
Why not get full value out of it?


Adding True Balancing to your BMS will give your batteries a quantum leap in performance.

  • Longer driving range and longer battery life as described above

  • True Balancing reduces charging anxiety
    • EV owners can charge whenever they want to and at any charging rate; they can terminate charging at any SOC; and they can do this at any time with zero risk of pushing the battery permanently out-of-balance

  • True Balancing reduces range anxiety
    • Longer driving range following each full charge cycle
    • More accurate estimates of vehicle range

  • Lower vehicle cost
    • Adding True Balancing to the BMS enables reductions in battery cost.  This enables production of EVs at lower price points, making them affordable to a broader range of vehicle buyers.

True Balancing brings a better vehicle experience to EV owners